To change the display zoom setting from the menu: Memory Limit Markup – restricted -. There was a problem removing your opinion. You tune the radio with the arrow rocker keys. The most durable phone I have ever used. You cannot delete a locked message.

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The Motorola 60c & Verizon Wireless

It can display event details, or event lists for a week or a day. If your phone is locked, you must 600c the phone to answer the call. Your phone is equipped to handle CDMA digital voice transmission. The Governments of the United States of America and Canada may restrict the exportation or re-exportation of this product to certain destinations.

Recording a Voice Note Your phone can store a total of two minutes of voice note recordings.

Press 1 N To answer the new call 2 N switch back to the first call To end the first call and answer the second call: This is a property with the read-only access.

Press any number key to alternately stop and start playback.

How to unlock Motorola 60c |

To reorder a shortcut list: Storing a Phonebook Entry. Make sure that the Motorola logo on the detachable head and the metal shielding on the serial cable plug are both facing you. JSR – restricted. The device is able to play the AMR file as expected. When animation is turned off, the cursor jumps from field to field, rather than moving between them.


OS Family – restricted. The browser supports CSS transitions. Create amazing web presences on any screen goMobi. A voice training window provides tips for your recording such as Say Shortcut Louder if it detects your motorolw at too low a volume. If you select Continuous, the phone does not power off when you turn off the ignition. Try the voice shortcut again, but with a different recording. Three lines of text display more information, while two lines increase text size.

Entering a Previously Assigned Position If you try to assign a shortcut to a key that is already assigned, your phone displays Replace item name? Operational 6c0 Safety and General Information Blasting Caps and Areas To avoid possible interference with blasting operations, turn OFF your phone motoola you are near electrical blasting caps, in a blasting area, or in areas posted: Personal Identification Number PIN Password required to dial certain numbers on some analog networks, or to access some VoiceMail or bank-by-phone features.

Ring Styles Your phone rings or vibrates to notify you of an incoming call, message, or other event. Do This Press and hold a number key 1 to 9 44 To assign its preset number to the tuned station Radio Selecting a Preset To select a preset radio station: About Your Phone Roam Indicator Appears when your phone uses another motorol system outside your home network.


Usable Display Height – restricted. More information about Motorola Original data kits is available at: The antenna on the v60c is stubby and telescoping. See passwords computer connecting to phone 72—73 synchronizing data 33, 72 country code, attaching to phone number 20 credit card calls 18—19 D data call connecting phone to computer 72—73 fax call 25 receiving 74—75 sending 74 Index date, setting 84 datebook adding an event 37—39 alarm 39 calendar 35 changing event information 40 copying an event 40 day view 36 deleting an event 41 event reminders 42 event reminders, selecting 69 event view 37 repeat interval 39 start time 41 storage duration 42 synchronizing jotorola 42 week view 35 Datebook Menu 35, 36, 37 default passwords 78 deleting text messages 48 voice notes 65—66 dialed calls.

The device is distributed with Bada OS pre-installed. See the TrueSync user guide for more information. I was disappointed to learn only two Verizon stores in Manhattan have the ability to flash new software into a phone. To delete a locked voice note, you must first unlock it. Assigning a New Code or Password. The old Motorola chestnut still rings true with this phone: