Ships with the following: If you are into media encoding such as MP3 encoding or the creation of DivX movies you’ll be happy with the new speed. Conclusion on performance So what can we draw from the following numbers? I could be wrong however. Would it totally sweep me off my feet and carry me into a glorious world of high overclockability where DDR is the only way to go?

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MSI K7T Pro2-RU KTA Motherboard Review | PC Perspective

Sure there mmsi many USB 2. A Quick Note on Installation and Software. I just realized that with all my attention focused on this that I completely missed a field entitled Universal Serial Po2 controllers the very last item in Device Manager and everything is as it should be here, no yellow question marks or exclamation marks.

The version used doesn’t detect the Athlon MP correctly, complaining of an unknown processor stepping code.

It’s essentially the same chip design as the KT, but with a much improved memory controller. I do not believe I have the option of restoring to a previous state.

In this case, that means the Northbridge and Southbridge. Of course, this board isn’t perfect, there are a few things I would have liked to have seen done like removing the AMR and dropping in an extra PCI slot. Before we get to the benchmarks, let’s take a look at the test system. ppro2

Apart from that we see nothing unusual here. So what of this new chipset? Let’s start with Sandra first off: Everything else is standard. A bad layout for me can be the difference between getting ub ignoring a new motherboard, regardless of what features or performance it offers.


MSI K7T266 Pro2 USB problem

I can always reboot and recheck. There are also 8 USB ports. At any rate, it is so far from being slow! I was a bit sceptical of its position at first, pro, in my case at least, it seems to get the ATX connector out of 20. way very well seeing as though the ATX connector is the most bulky connector you’ll attach to a motherboard and also the most inflexible making a poor connector placement an extra hassle.

This board was installed fully in a case and since it shares the exact same mounting points as should all similar sized motherboards conforming to the ATX spec as the previous occupant of the case, the Abit KG7-RAID, installation was simple. All USB ports is the correct setting. I’m very hopeful that a newer revision of the BIOS for the board will extract even more performance and bring things up prp2 speed on this test setup.

Here we see the corresponding What BIOS is uab the mobo now? VIA Apollo KTA chipset Specifications Before we get our hands dirty in the specifications, remember a chipset is just that, a set of individual chips that work together to provide the services the AMD platform needs to function.

So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. Well let’s take a look at the chipset specs before we make our way to MSI’s implementation of it.


SYS driver, BSOD’s on k7f266 and the sound randomly seems to stop at any point during using the audio and doesn’t come back to life until you reboot. The software integrates with the screensaver to provide extra security.

MSI K7TPro2 RU Motherboard Review –

It was among the slowest chipsets around and it had one glaring problem – when the bus speed exceeded MHz, USB devices stopped working. Is it the same again, not quick, hard to implement etc and have MSI done a good job with the board?

Does not this setting cover every option? By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The RAID connectors are close to the bottom right and run 90 degrees to the regular connectors. Thumbs up to MSI and if they can sort out the small sub in a later revision, they can’t fail to 20. with this board. With 3DMark testing overall CPU, memory and graphics performance and Sandra providing the synthetic numbers, we have pretty much all bases covered.