Only the power indicator is duplicated over the power button. In our opinion the location of the audio ports is not ideal. In return, the notebook features a lot of bells and whistles. As far as I understand, it’s typical of MSI. With its glossy black finish, flame decals, and huge MSI logo front and center it really gets noticed compared to other notebooks.

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Despite some flawse.

MSI MegaBook GX600 (MS-163A)

It has mediocre viewing angles, especially the vertical angle—brightness and grayscale depend much on them. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Despite the somewhat more decent look, the target group is apparent. The notebook is very attractive in this respect: Hardware Zone What does it mean to be meggabook gamer?

MSI Megabook GX600

And finally, the cursor arrows and four buttons in the right part of the keyboard, which are often used by gamers, are also red. And finally, we should mention that the key in the left bottom corner of this keyboard is Fn, not ctrl. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.


The rough surface feels nice to the touch. It seems to me that keyboard ergonomics was not in the project list, they just copied desktop keyboards. The GX reached with turbo points in the 3DMark06 at a resolution of x pixels.

Even smallest particles, like dust, and also fingerprints, are immediately visible. For most consumers, we find its msk may be a little too loud and crass to be carrying around. If you like such cars, you will like this design from MSI.

Furthermore, the GX is equipped with Bluetooth by default. However, this design features certain changes to highlight that it’s a gaming product. Write a comment below.

MSI MegaBook GX (MSA) Video Card

Its is not glossy, which is a big advantage in my opinion. Secondly, we tested this notebook and the GX modification, based on the AMD platform, using our test procedure for processors and platforms. The same is true for World in Conflict. The cursor keys are too narrow, so you often miss them and press neighboring keys. At the back side of the lid there is an illuminated MSI logo. On the whole, the keyboard produces a mixed impression.


Megavook runtime in the Classic test of the BatteryEater tool energy saving setting ‘maximum performance’, maximum display brightness, WLAN and Bluetooth on was 61 minutes. The plastic case is relatively resistant against pressure. This is actually very good. MSI traditionally offers just a few of them: Moreover, it has a stock overclocking function to raise performance when necessary.

Especially in games, where you need stereo effects. Nevertheless the benchmark results are all right.

MSI Megabook GX – External Reviews

Due to the non-reflecting display there are hardly any disturbing reflections. The maximum volume is relatively good. Regardless of being closed The GX belongs to a gaming series of machines.

This would have made the profit from the HDMI port complete. A built-in Realtek sound chip controls audio output and input.