Apple have very limited capacity for this type of connectivity or they make it difficult to do this. The link below is the first product listed when you click the Amazon link in the text of the original story. This is so useful when typing longform, such as when recording notes or writing up a paper. A little researching told me that my phone doesn’t have the necessary module in the device kernel. I was very excited as it meant I could watch videos directly from my flash storage on my phone. Tips and Tools to Know Dan Price.

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I dont put my bank details into any computer so a shop has to do. One thing I found surprising is that Android actually supports most of the special keys on a keyboard.

I’ll connect a USB keyboard next, just to see if it works. I have one ultrabook and one gaming laptop.

Pl help if we can resolve the issue. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. I got a thumb drive to work with my phone using this set up. What’s up with that? Your email address will not be published.


How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone

If you want your USB keyboard plugged into your Android device to be fully functional and get the SHIFT key to work properly, allowing you to capitalize letters and type symbols such as the exclamation mark symbol!

Thanks for the heads-up, Mark! It’s been an extremely 77 day, everyone have a great night. I better have one of those connectors. You can get these that are the size of a cigarette butt. Just follow these steps myhab enable it.

Connecting usb camera to my TAB 3 – Lenovo Community

I will order the OTG plug- in adapter from Amazon. After many hours of frustration, mytb worked first go! Haha its great if we can get this too I also may have been lucky with the cable – it’s an inexpensive one but maybe the capability depends on the cable. Moe Long covers the five most durable, and long, cables on uusb market. I will have to try this with my LG phone as soon as I can buy the cable for it: I connect everything to my TV screen anyway, so screen size doesn’t matter.

Galaxy Tab 4: Enable USB Debugging

They claimed it’s the only reason for my phone thinking that I’m constantly pressing the Windows Key so I can’t type anything, it just launches shortcuts. Thanks Ben, I appreciate the tip! Hey Erez, I was able to get StickMount working successfully on my 4. As I’ve been helping few friends finding the best prices for their new laptops few questions came to my mind:.


My comment was wrong to a degree, Android has supported standard HID devices since froyo but to an extremely limited capacity. I myrab help with PC issues as well as Android issues just please be patient because I have a pretty hectic schedule.

Thank you Mitch Bartlett. So, yeah…Windows phone FTW. I need it for: Works great on my Sony S tablet.

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Are there any other keyboard-related tips that we missed? You said you can connect external keyboard through the OTG cable.

Just tried this and unfortunately it doesn’t work.